30kw solar enery power supply installed

08 November 2016

30kw solar enery power supply installed

A 30 kilowatt (kw) solar system to beef up energy supply of the German Swiss International School (GSIS) in Accra has been installed.

The facility is made up of 120 solar modules equivalent to 250 watts, a backup system with a battery capacity of 16kwh voltage that continuously supplies 120 kwh of electricity to the school in a day during power outtage.

The project, which costs 80,000 Euros, is being funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and MP-tec, a German solar system in Ghana.

Mr. Christoph Retzlaff, German Ambassador to Ghana, said the GSIS was a crowned jewel in German’s bilateral cooperation with Ghana.

He said the GSIS fostered cultural tolerance, stressing: "In the time of insecurity where we see so much populism, nationalism and prejudice in the world, it is of outmost importance that we learn to deal with different cultures and backgrounds that we are exposed to, and that is what GSIS does to foster understanding in the world."

Mr. Retzlaff said the project would generate interest in the students to learn more about solar and also keep them abreast of contemporary technology, adding the facility was critical to the conditions of climate change.

He said the solar power renewable energy had become a brand name for Germany and the introduction of solar system in Ghana and would help address the problems of power supply.

He congratulated the dedicated staff of the school for successful 50 years of work in the school.

Mr. Soltermann, one of the founding fathers of the school, the ceremony also witnessed the inauguration of a chemistry laboratory christened "Soltermann Science-Room".

The chemistry laboratory, made up of equipment such as microscopes, chemicals, machine and electronic devices, would equip students with practical and experimental know-how in science education.

The ambassador, therefore, urged the pupils to take interest in natural sciences to generate new ideas to finding solutions to societal and scientific problems.

Mr. Cay Goetz, Chemistry/Biology Teacher at the school, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said science education was not only going to consist of memorizing information from textbooks but also to perform experiments to improve on science facts

Source: Business and Financial Times