ECG plans dumsor-free polls, X’mas

15 November 2016

ECG plans dumsor-free polls, X’mas

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) says it will soon announce measures that will ensure that the intermittent power cuts that consumers have been faced with will not spillover to the crucial December 7 polls.

Power consumers in some parts of the country especially within the capital have been faced with unreliable power supply which the power distributor has attributed to some challenges within the distribution network, rather than supply shortfall.

Communication Manager of ECG William Boateng while leading a section of the media to tour the Dodowa District where a number of power transformers are been fixed to ensure stable supply, said a lot of initiatives are been undertaken to forestall power challenges.

“Dodowa District is one of the 80 districts under the ECG. In this district alone, since the beginning of the year, we have installed more than 24 transformers with several others being worked on to meet growing demand.

Trust the ECG to give you dumsor-free elections. At the appropriate time we will communicate our plans. But this not being our first elections, you can trust the ECG to be up and doing. Yes we are having some challenges but we will work around them.

Dumsor challenges

Director of Operations at ECG, Ing. Tetteh Okine last month told the press that the outages experienced by consumers were not as a result of shortfall in power supply but rather some other factors which are being addressed.

“Admittedly, we have taken note of series of outages in some areas within our distribution system, but we wish to state as a matter of fact that it is not load shedding,” he said.

According to him, while the ECG is working to address some of the challenges that may arise in its distribution network, power suppliers have assured of constant and sufficient power.

“The outlook for the future is bright according to our suppliers and we have also strengthened our distribution system enough to ensure we deliver quality, reliable and safe electricity to our customers,” he said.

Ing. Okine also attributed the outages to regular planned maintenance; preemptive maintenance works which normally require a shutdown of a bulk supply point, primary sub-station or a secondary sub-station to rectify a fault.

“However, faults that occur at our secondary sub-stations and on the low voltage line are not automatically communicated to us by the system and this is where we encourage customers to inform us of the outage they experience.”

But Ing. Okine said the power distributor is planning on completing all of its scheduled maintenance for the year by the middle of next month so as to prevent any power outage for the rest of the year.

Also, ECG is expected to deploy more third party contractors to assist in clearing trees that interfere with overhead lines as soon as practicable. Other measures to ensure constant power supply include positioning engineers at strategic locations to promptly attend to emergency calls to shorten the intervention time.

Source: Business and Financial Times