Eliminate accident within the workplace – GRIDCo boss

11 November 2016

Eliminate accident within the workplace – GRIDCo boss

The CEO of Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), Engineer (ING) William Amuna has entreated management and staff of the company to do away with incidents that can cause injuries and fatalities at the work place.

“We work in a very challenging and dangerous environment, and I will urge all staff to continue to do their best to eliminate incidents and accidents within the work place,” he said.

Speaking at the company’s Safety Awareness Week Durbar and Award ceremony, dubbed “Managing Occupational Stress, a Collective Responsibility,” he urged all staff members to regularly participate in safety meetings, in order to be conversant with their safety procedures and practices.

He also called on contractors operating with the company to meet their safety standards to protect lives and property.

“To bring contractors who work for us up to our required safety standards and policies, the Network Performance Department (NPD) has submitted the Draft Contractor Safety Manual for review. We will work to ensure that our contractors meet our standard of safety in order to protect personnel and equipment,” he emphasized.

Ing. Amuna educated staff on some factors that causes stress, and urged them to recognize and address them effectively.

He suggested some necessary steps for stress management including having positive attitude towards life, behavioral self control, living peacefully with one another and having enough time to rest.

In order to reduce work load on staff, he said, management has over the last few years recruited a number of personnel to help cut down on work load and overtime that some staff do, however, overtime level was observed to continue to rise.

“We are very concerned with the long hours staffs spend on the job since this has health implications. Going forward therefore we will start converting overtime hours into days off to enable staff to rest and have time with their families,” he pointed out.

Eric Asare, Safety Manager of the company said the celebration is dedicated to reminding them about commitment to safety, to intensify safety awareness and to make GRIDCo the safest company to work in.

He said the theme was chosen to draw the attention of staff in trends in work related stress and its impact on health and also aimed at improving safety performance by managing stress, both at work and home and promote the wellbeing of all employees.

Mr. Asare pointed out that for this year; the company has recorded only eight accidents, most of which were minor.

An amount of GH¢98,747.68 was paid as workmen’s compensation to affected staff, while a total of GH¢110,521.47 was paid under the GRIDCo group life insurance policy. The company awarded some deserving staff who distinguished themselves in their line of duties.

Source: Business and Financial Times