ICU urges reduction in utility tariffs

04 February 2017

ICU urges reduction in utility tariffs


The Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) has urged the government to fulfil its promises of reducing utility tariffs to bring relief to Ghanaian workers.

The General Secretary of the union, Mr Solomon Kotei, said it was no secret that the high utility tariffs were a stress on the pockets of workers and that the union expected the new government to make tariff reduction a reality.

Delegates conference.

At the Central Regional delegates conference of the union in Cape Coast last Thursday, Mr Kotei said while the union had resolved to co-operate with its employers to create a congenial atmosphere for increased productivity and growth, worker unions expected the government to create conducive environments for workers to work in and excel.

He said the government of President Nana Ado Dankwa Akufo-Addo took cognisance of major issues, including the power outages and the unstable cedi, to promise Ghanaians better conditions.

“For us (labour), we are expecting delivery on the reduction of the taxes from the corporate tax to the overtime tax and other taxes which have made the Ghanaian worker worse off. We are also looking forward to a lot of casual workers who have been in the system, being employed as permanent workers,” he said.

Mr Kotei stressed the importance of congenial worker-employer relationship which should be fostered to boost productivity in the country.

Dormant branches

The Central Regional Officer of the ICU, Mr Ahmed Ali, expressed concern that some of the branches of the union were dormant because of transfers, resignations, terminations and retrenchment of members.

He called on all union members in the region to recommit themselves to the growth and development of the union.

New executive

New officers were elected to run the affairs of the union. They include Mr S. M. C. Abaidoo, Chairman; Mr Daniel Ansoh, Vice Chairman; Mr Ahmed Ali, Secretary; Madam Elizabeth Koomson, Trustee; Madam Florence Ansah, Women’s Wing President, and Mr Benjamim Otikotea, Youth Wing President.

Mr Abaidoo, on behalf of the executive members, pledged to work hard to promote the wellbeing of members of ICU in the region.

He called on members to cooperate with the executive to enable them to work to better their lot.

Source: Daily Graphic