Manifesto watch 2016: NDC aims at making country energy hub

02 November 2016

Manifesto watch 2016: NDC aims at making country energy hub

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) says its policies and programmes for the energy sector of Ghana’s economy, in the next four years, will make the country become the energy hub of West Africa.

In the party’s manifesto titled "Changing lives, Transforming Ghana", the NDC promised not only to remove the challenges confronting the consistent flow of power but also ensure that businesses in Ghana receive uninterrupted supply of power to boost their operations.

Since 2012, the party has undertaken many energy projects in its bid to attain its targets.

These projects include the 110 megawatts steam components of the T2 Power Plants at Aboadze, 250 megawatts of Amerie Power Plants, 255 megawatts Karpower Barge and 220 megawatts Kpone Thermal Plant.

Going into Election 2016, the party says every major foundation needed to achieve its vision for the energy sector has been laid.

Key promises in manifesto

Some of the key promises in the manifesto include increasing the stock of power generation assets, developing more sustainable power sources, encouraging energy conservation, increasing generation capacity in excess of 5,000 MW by 2021 and achieving universal access to electricity by 2025. The promise, therefore, is to construct power plants to generate additional 3,062 MW.

The NDC also promises to embark on massive renewable energy production. Per its manifesto, the party promises to generate additional 537 MW of power from solar, wind and biomass.

Given the current economic and population growth projections, the party has made plans to expand the Volta River Authority (VRA) and CENIT thermal plants at Tema by 126 megawatts and construct a 450-megawatt thermal power plant at Domunli.

“We will also ensure the construction of the following; 240 megawatts Amandi Power Project, 1,000 megawatts GE Ghana 1000 Power, 360 megawatts thermal power plant at Aboadze by Jacobsen Energy Ltd,” the manifesto states.

Again, the party is also positioning itself to ensure that the planning and building regulations incorporate sustainable energy conservation in buildings at the design and construction stages.

Renewable Energy

In line with the Renewable Energy Act, 2011 (Act 832), the party intends to Increase Solar Power generation to 200 Megawatts and continue to expand the 200,000 roof top solar project.

“We will also support the VRA to construct a 75 Megawatt Wind Park along the eastern corridor of the Greater Accra Region to generate power from wind; work with independent power producers to commence the 150 Megawatt Wind Farm project at Ayitepa in the Eastern Region and commence work on a 12-Megawatt grid-connected Solar Plant in the Upper West,” the manifesto says.

Source: Daily Graphic