Participate in '16

Participants engaged in the 5th edition of the West African Clean Energy and Environment Exhibition & Conference, WACEE ’16, held from 13th to 15th September 2016 as:

A Sponsor

An Exhibitor

A Visitor of the Conference

There were various possibilities to advertise in the WACEE '16 catalogue. Prices for advertising in the WACEE'16 Exhibition Catalogue were as follows:


Cost in EURO



Full A5 Page colour



Half A5 Page colour



Inside front cover



Inside back cover



Back cover



Outside back cover

not available 

All prices were exclusive of VAT.

Printing material:      

Full page 148 mm x 210 mm

With bleed 158 mm x 220 mm

½ horizontal 148 x 105 mm

With bleed 158 mm x 115 mm

½ vertical 74 mm x 210 mm

With bleed 84 mm x 220 mm    

Participants sent materials for advertisement in one of the following formats:

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop




Kindly note :*printable 300 dpi minimum* 

The exhibition catalogue is printed on high quality A5 art paper in full colour and is distributed free to all visitors of the 5th West African Clean Energy and Environment Exhibition & Conference (WACEE'16). It is the definitive event guide and reference document and as such reaches visitors at the most favourable moment. Exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of this additional media opportunity which supports the free editorial offered as part of the exhibition package. The minimum guaranteed print run is 1000 copies.