Joanna Bingham

Chief Executive Officer, Footprints Ghana

Joanna began her career in investment and has always been fascinated by the role of business in driving inclusive economic development. Working on inclusive supply chains in Tanzania, she understood how critical it is to align interests across the ecosystem from farmers, govt., research, and private sector. She subsequently undertook a Post-Grad on the Circular Economy and set up Footprints Africa in Ghana, seeking to create a new model for development. Through research, training and piloting new practices, Footprints works at the business and system level to create evidence that business can be a force for good in communities, the environment and supply chains. In Ghana, the focus is on supporting a new generation of leaders in catering and commercial waste management.

Jabesh Amissah-Arthur

Partner, Arthur Energy Advisors

Jabesh Amissah-Arthur’s expertise as a Partner at Arthur Energy Advisors covers a wide range of complex power, energy and construction industry projects worldwide. His experience includes building, managing and developing renewable energy projects (such as biomass plants, wind and solar farms) as well as project management and construction supervision roles on several power infrastructure and generation facility projects. Mr. Amissah-Arthur has in-depth experience managing, coordinating, leading and directing engineering, procurement, and construction teams in the execution of various energy generating projects with aggressive deadlines and project constraints for varying clientele including Multinational Utilities, Energy Development Groups, and Manufacturing Companies.

Joe Ampadu-Boakye

Program Manager, Safe Water Network (Ghana)

Joe Ampadu-Boakye leads Safe Water Network’s business development/partnerships, sector engagement and knowledge management activities in Ghana, cultivating relationships with public and private actors and international development organizations, private foundations
and corporations and advising on implementation of an enterprise/market-based solution for decentralized water services. Previously, he was a Senior Consultant at MAPLE Consult, a private consulting company in Ghana where he consulted for several major bilateral and multi-lateral organisations, and also gained first-hand experience working with several actors at the global, national, regional and district levels and across several sectors (water,
sanitation, local government, education, public sector reforms and agriculture).

Mohammed Abdul-Nashiru

Country Director, WaterAid

Mohammed Abdul-Nashiru is currently the Country Director for WaterAid – a UK Charity which has been operating in Ghana for over 30 years. Abdul-Nashiru has worked with the organization for more than 10 years. He is a development practitioner on governance and local development. He possesses extensive experience working with development partners at different levels especially decentralized governance structures, governments and local partner organizations covering Anglophone and Francophone countries. Since 2000, Mr. Abdul-Nashiru has provided technical support to development partners such as CIDA, DANIDA, World Bank and UNICEF generally covering development planning, policy influencing, capacity building, modalities for engaging actors in decision making, and on issues of accountability and social justice.

Julius Nkansah-Nyarko

Chief Programme Officer, Energy Commision

Julius received a BSC in Mechanical Engineering from KNUST. He furthered his education at Edinburgh Napier University and was awarded a Master of Science in Engineering Management. He has over nine years’ experience in Ghana’s Energy Sector. A majority of which has been spent in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sub-sector. He also has vast experience in the development of regulations, policy documents and guidelines for Ghana’s energy sector. Among his many accomplishments, he played a leading role in the development of Ghana’s Bio-energy Policy, License Manual for Renewable Energy Service Providers, Guidelines for Charcoal Production for Export amongst others. He also playing a leading role in the implementation of the Renewable Energy Act.

Venan A. Sondo

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CHAiNT Afrique LTD

Venan A. Sondo is a Sustainable Business & Management Professional with over 14 years of experience in sustainable business and climate consulting, especially with integrating ESG in traditional business environments. He is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CHAiNT Afrique LTD, a Change, Innovation & Transformation Hub that focuses on helping households, organisations and communities realise value through the eco-efficiency & eco-innovation lens. He initiated the first CDM Clean Cookstove Project in Cameroon, successfully distributing over 4,000 clean cookstoves in Cameroon and has been able to distribute over 10,000 clean cookstoves by various channels. Venan is fluent in three languages including English, French and German, and currently consults with EBS Advisory, leading their Francophone West Africa ESG Services for financial transactions in the Region. He leads the Organisation of the Circular Economy Club in Accra City, and is a Representative of the Africa Circular Economy Network in Ghana & Cameroon.