11:15 AM - 1:00 PM

Analysing the readiness of West Africa for opportunities in the Green Hydrogen Economy

This session will focus on analyzing the economic position of fossil fuel countries such as Nigeria in the current global oil and gas supply and the transitory pattern/process of green hydrogen export.

Location: Landmark Event Centre, Lagos, Nigeria / Virtual Platform

Conference Overview

The 3-day WACEE’19 conference draws scores of industry experts, business leaders, key decision makers, and high-profile experts in clean energy, water and circular economy. An effective platform to ensure that discussions around sustainable energy supply and environment stay relevant and at the forefront of the region’s development agenda.

Each day of our plenary session will be dedicated to one of the three themes – water, circular economy and energy. This format will encourage our plenary sessions to have more intimate discussions of issues surrounding the respective sectors.

For more information on participation & partnership, contact: info@wacee.net

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