Ghanaian German Water Week


For the first time, the Ghanaian-German Water Week (GGWW) will take place in Accra, from Nov. 5th to 8th. The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK Ghana) invites Ghanaian professionals and experts to participate in the 4-day interactive and innovative Water Week in the AICC. 

Under the theme “From Ideas to Action: Stimulating German-Ghanaian innovative Solutions for Water Management” a group of 7 highly reputable experts from Germany will organize workshops dedicated to the most important challenges of the Ghanaian water-market. This high-level training-week aims to boost the transfer of knowledge, the exchange of experiences and facilitate discussions on strategies relating to sustainable water management solutions in Ghana.

For maximizing the benefit of the Ghanaian-German Water Week and promoting intersectoral collaborations, the GGWW will be embedded in the 7th West African Clean Energy and Environment Festival (WACEE). This year WACEE´19, which has developed into the most relevant event on environment topics in West Africa, will be bigger and greener than ever before. Not only will WACEE´19 focus on sustainability in the Energy Sector but also, for the first time extend the scope of the Exhibition, the Conference and the wide range of side-events to the key-areas of Circular Economy and Water-Management in West Africa. A large number of side-events, ranging from drone-shows to participatory circularity sessions and cultural dances will enrich the exhibition and conference and turn WACEE´19 into a Green Festival.

Over the past years, we, as the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana,  have been active in the fields of Energy and Environment in Ghana with a special focus on Water-Management. We organized multiple stakeholder strategy workshops on the topic of sustainable water-management. These activities are supported by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation & Nuclear Safety (BMU) within the framework of the export initiative “Environmental Protection made in Germany”. 

After the mapping of the status quo of the water-market and stakeholders in Ghana, we are now moving towards actions. With support of the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources in Ghana, the first Ghanaian-German Water Week brings together the Ghanaian private sector, political decision makers as well as representatives of water utilities with technology experts from Germany, we want to transform the ideas into actions. As a team with these strong and long-lasting relationships, we want to implement the strategies and introduce innovative solutions to contribute to the sustainable development of the Ghanaian water sector.
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