Sustainability Showcase: Stimulating Green Economy Investments

The Leading Conference and Exhibition on Renewal and Environmental Technology in West Africa

Since it’s inception in 2012, the West African Clean Energy & Environment Trade fair & Conference (WACEE) has developed into the most relevant renewable energy and environment trade fair and conference in West Africa with focus on clean energy, circular economy and water management. The West African Clean Energy & Environment Trade Fair & Conference (WACEE) aims at providing a platform for power providers, technology suppliers, investors, industry experts as well as political and economic decision-makers to ensure sustainable development of West Africa’s energy and environmental ecosystem. With a rich history of advancing environmental initiatives and connecting industry leaders, WACEE continues to be at the forefront of driving impactful change in the region. WACEE’2024 promises to be a dynamic platform where innovation, collaboration, and action converge to address pressing environmental challenges and promote sustainable development.

why you should attend

As we explore the latest advancements in clean energy technologies and practices. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover innovations in solar, wind, and bioenergy technologies designed to meet the unique needs of West Africa. From high-efficiency solar panels to advanced energy storage solutions. WACEE 2024 will showcase the future of renewable energy. Engaging with global leaders and industry pioneers, participants will gain insights into emerging trends, policy developments, and strategies for accelerating the adoption of renewable energy. Additionally, WACEE 2024 will facilitate networking opportunities with key stakeholders, including government officials, investors, and industry professionals, fostering partnerships that drive the clean energy transition.

WACEE 2024 will highlight the redefining of waste as a valuable resource and promoting sustainability and economic growth. The conference will explore technologies and practices that enable recycling, upcycling, and resource recovery, demonstrating how businesses can turn waste into wealth through creative and efficient processes. Attendees will participate in collaborative dialogues with experts and practitioners leading the circular economy landscape, sharing ideas and best practices for implementing circular economy principles across various industries. Real-world applications will be showcased through live demonstrations and case studies, providing practical insights into reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

Effective water management is crucial for sustainability, particularly in regions facing increasing demand and climate change impacts. WACEE’24 will focus on advanced technologies in water conservation, efficient usage, and sustainable management. From smart irrigation systems to state-of-the-art water treatment facilities, the event will explore solutions that enhance water security. Engaging with policymakers and water resource experts, attendees will discuss frameworks and strategies that support equitable water access and sustainable management practices. Interactive learning opportunities, such as workshops and sessions, will provide practical skills and knowledge for implementing effective water management solutions in communities and businesses.